Psalm 75 – Study Questions

1.      For what does the Psalmist give thanks in verse 1?

2. Authority  = what? _____________________  (vs. 2)

3. Who is speaking in verse 2 & 3?

4. What warning or counsel is given in verses 4 – 7?

5. To what does the illustration of the cup of wine in verse 8 allude?

6. What does the Psalmist commit himself to do in verses 9 – 10?


How might this Psalm be an example to us in our prayers this evening?

Is there a particular verse that speaks to your heart tonight?  Would you be willing to share why?

“Though this psalm is attributed to Asaph in the title, yet it does so exactly agree with David’s circumstances, at his coming to the crown after the death of Saul, that most interpreters apply it to that juncture, and suppose that either Asaph penned it, in the person of David, as his poet-laureat (probably the substance of the psalm was some speech which David made to a convention of the states, at his accession to the government, and Asaph turned it into verse, and published it in a poem, for the better spreading of it among the people), or that David penned it, and delivered it to Asaph as precentor of the temple. In this psalm, I. David returns God thanks for bringing him to the throne (Ps 75:1, Ps 75:9),    II. He promises to lay out himself for the public good, in the use of the power God had given him(Ps 75:2-3, Ps 75:10),   III. He checks the insolence of those that opposed his coming to the throne (Ps 75:4-5), IV. He fetches a reason for all this from God’s sovereign dominion in the affairs of the children of men (Ps 75:6-8). In singing this psalm we must give to God the glory of all the revolutions of states and kingdoms, believing that they are all according to his counsel and that he will make them all to work for the good of his church.” Matthew Henry


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