Links to all 52 devotionals

Knowing God Devotionals on the Theme: God Is!

by Pastor Mark Worden – email:
This material is copyrighted

Devotional 1:  Seeking Idols or God in the New Year

Devotional 2:  God Is!

Devotional 3:  God is Light!

Devotional 4:  God Is Beyond Us!

Devotional 5:  God Is Knowable!

Devotional 6:  God Is Near!

Devotional 7:  God Is Merciful!

Devotional 8:  God Is Holy!

Devotional 9:  God Is Perfect in Justice!

Devotional 10:  God is Righteous!

Devotional 11:  God is Judge!

Devotional 12:  God Is The Lawgiver!

Devotional 13:  God Is King!

Devotional 14:  God Is Sovereign!

Devotional 15:   God is Good!

Devotional 16: God is Faithful!

Devotional 17:  God Is True – part 1

Devotional 18: God is True – part 2

Devotional 19:  God is Wise!

Devotional 20: God is Powerful!

Devotional 21:  God is Spirit!

Devotional 22: God Is our Father!

Devotional 23: God is our Shield! I Know!

Devotional 24: God is Witness!

Devotional 25:  God Is Unchanging!

Devotional 26: God is One!

Devotional 27: God is Eternal!

Devotional 28:  God Is the Giver of Life!

Devotional 29:  God is the Creator!

Devotional 30:  God is our Guide!

Devotional 31: God is Our Shepherd

Devotional 32: God is Jealous

Devotional 33: God is Angry!

Devotional 34: God is Forbearing!

Devotional 35:   God is Patient!

Devotional 36: God is Kind

Devotional 37: God is Not Partial

Devotional 38: God is Gracious

Devotional 39: God is Omniscient (all knowing)

Devotional 40: God is our Physician!

Devotional 41: God is All-Present (Omnipresent)

Devotional 42: God is Infinite

Devotional 43: God is Provider – Jehovahjireh

Devotional 44: God is Peace – Jehovahshalom

Devotional 45: God is our Banner – Jehovahnissi

Devotional 46: God is our Comfort

Devotional 47: God is a Consuming Fire

Devotional 48: God is NOT a Man

Devotional 49: God is Love

Devotional 50: God is Salvation

Devotional 51: God is a Rewarder

Devotional 52: God is Glorious


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