Psalm 80- Analogies

Introduction: The Psalmist pleads that God would return to care for Israel and that Israel will be turned back to God. Salvation and deliverance is seen as only coming from God and Israel’s complete dependence upon Him.  Israel’s relationship to God is set forth with four analogies:

1. As a flock Israel appeals to its Shepherd (vs.1-3)

2. As an army Israel appeals to its Commander (vs.4-7)

3. As a vine Israel appeals to its Husbandmen (vs.8-16)

4. As a son Israel appeals to its Father (vs. 17-19)

The refrains in the Psalm are verses 3, 7, & 19.  What is notably different about each refrain?


How might this Psalm be an example to us in our prayers this evening?

Is there a particular verse that speaks to your heart tonight?  Would you be willing to share why?

Psalms 80:17  “Upon the son of man whom thou madest strong for thyself.  Send forth thy power with him whom thou shalt strengthen to accomplish thy purposes of grace.  It pleases God to work for the sons of men by sons of men.  “By man came death, by man came also the resurrection from the dead.” Nations rise or fall largely through the instrumentality of individuals: by a Napoleon the kingdoms are scourged, and by a Wellington nations are saved from the tyrant.  It is by the man Christ Jesus that fallen Israel is yet to rise, and indeed through him, who deigns to call himself the Son of Man, the world is to be delivered from the dominion of Satan and the curse of sin.  O Lord, fulfil thy promise to the man of thy right hand, who participates in thy glory, and give him to see the pleasure of the Lord prospering in his hand.” (C. H. Spurgeon)


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