Psalm 119:113-120

SUMECH – stanza 15- vs.113-120

1.       A Right Reflection – vs.113

“vain thoughts” – _________________, _________________

&     James 1:8

&     James 4:8

&     I Kings 18:21

2.       A Right Recognition – vs.114

3.       A Right Request of the wicked – vs.115a

&     Psalm 1:1-2

4.       A Right Resolve – vs.115b

5.       A Right Request of God – vs.116-117a

6.       A Right Response – vs.117b

7.       A Right Result – vs.118-119

8.       A Right Respect – vs.120

How should this Psalm influence our prayers?

Selected Quote:

Ver. 114. “Thou art my hiding place and my shield. To his God he ran for shelter from vain thoughts; there he hid himself away from their tormenting intrusions, and in solemn silence of the soul he found God to be his hiding place. When called into the world, if he could not be alone with God as his hiding place, he could have the Lord with him as his shield, and by this means he could ward off the attacks of wicked suggestions. This is an experimental verse, and it testifies to that which the writer knew of his own personal knowledge: he could not fight with his own thoughts, or escape from them, till he flew to his God, and then he found deliverance. Observe that he does not speak of God’s word as being his double defence, but he ascribes that to God himself. When we are beset by very spiritual assaults, such as those which arise out of vain thoughts, we shall do well to fly distinctly to the person of our Lord, and to cast ourselves upon his real presence. Happy is he who can truly say to the triune God, “Thou art my hiding place.” He has beheld God under that glorious covenant aspect which ensures to the beholder the surest consolation” (C. H. Spurgeon).


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