Psalm 132

Introduction: “It is probable that this psalm was penned by Solomon, to be sung at the dedication of the temple which he built according to the charge his father gave him, 1Ch 28:2, &c. Having fulfilled his trust, he begs of God to own what he had done.”  Matthew Henry

1. Reflection upon David’s oath to God – vs.1-5

2. Consecration of himself and the nation – vs. 6-7

3. Intercession for the nation – vs.8-10

4. Contemplation about God’s oath to David – vs.11-12

5. Recitation of God’s commitment to Zion – vs13-18

How should this Psalm influence our prayers tonight

Selected Quotation:

“Ver. 13. For the LORD hath chosen Zion. It was no more than any other Canaanite town till God chose it, David captured it, Solomon built it, and the Lord dwelt in it. So was the church a mere Jebusite stronghold till grace chose it, conquered it, rebuilt it, and dwelt in it. Jehovah has chosen his people, and hence they are his people. He has chosen the church, and hence it is what it is. Thus in the covenant David and Zion, Christ and his people, go together. David is for Zion, and Zion for David: the interests of Christ and his people are mutual.  He hath desired it for his habitation. David’s question is answered. The Lord has spoken: the site of the temple is fixed: the place of the divine manifestation is determined. Indwelling follows upon election, and arises out of it: Zion is chosen, chosen for a habitation of God. The desire of God to dwell among the people whom he has chosen for himself is very gracious and yet very natural: his love will not rest apart from those upon whom he has placed it. God desires to abide with those whom he has loved with an everlasting love; and we do not wonder that it should be so, for we also desire the company of our beloved ones.  It is a double marvel, that the Lord should choose and desire such poor creatures as we are: the indwelling of the Holy Ghost in believers is a wonder of grace parallel to the incarnation of the Son of God. God in the church is the wonder of heaven, the miracle of eternity, the glory of infinite love.”  C. H. Spurgeon


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