Psalm 87 – Zion

Introduction:  This Psalm gives praise for God’s choice of Jerusalem as His special place of blessing.

The Name Zion:

1.       Originally referred to a Jebusite fortress captured by David – 2 Sam. 5:6-9

2.       In use extended to the Temple site – Isaiah 4:5, 8:18; Jer.31:6; Mic. 4:7

3.       Ultimately became synonymous with Jerusalem – Psalm 102:21

Simple outline to the Psalm:

1.       Jerusalem’s Place (vs.1-3)

2.       Jerusalem’s Privilege (vs.4-6)

3.       Jerusalem’s Praise (vs.7)

Questions to help us think deeper:

1.       How is God’s relationship to Jerusalem described in the Psalm?

2.       Why would it be such a blessing to be born in Jerusalem?

3.       Who is the “thee” referring to in the last phrase of the Psalm?

Questions of personal application:

1.       How should this Psalm influence your prayers tonight?

2.       Is there a particular verse that speaks to your heart?

Special Quote: Verse 7  “All my springs are in thee. Did the poet mean that henceforth he would find all his joys in Zion, or that to the Lord he would look for all inspiration, comfort, strength, joy, life and everything. The last is the truest doctrine. Churches have not such all sufficiency within them that we can afford to look to them for all, but the Lord who founded the church is the eternal source of all our supplies, and looking to him we shall never flag or fail.  How truly does all our experience lead us to look to the Lord by faith, and say “all my fresh springs are in thee.” The springs of my faith and all my graces; the springs of my life and all my pleasures; the springs of my activity and all its right doings; the springs of my hope, and all its heavenly anticipations, all lie in thee, my Lord. Without thy Spirit I should be as a dry well, a mocking cistern, destitute of power to bless myself or others. O Lord, I am assured that I belong to the regenerate whose life is in thee, for I feel that I cannot live without thee; therefore, with all thy joyful people will I sing thy praises” (C.H. Spurgeon).

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