Psalm 83 – Enemies

Introduction: Read II Chronicles 20:1-20 where we learn of Israel being under attack, which possibly gave occasion for the writing of this Psalm.

1. What were the characteristics of Israel’s enemies?

Vs. 2-8

2. What were the expressed goals of Israel’s enemies?

Vs. 4

Vs. 12

3. What are the characteristics of the Psalmist’s prayer?

Vs. 1

Vs. 9-11

Vs. 13-14

Vs. 15

Vs. 16

Vs. 17

4. What were the motivations behind this prayer?

Vs. 16

Vs. 18

How should this Psalm influence your prayers tonight?

Special quote:

“A Psalm or Song of Asaph.  This is the last occasion upon which we shall meet with this eloquent writer.  The patriotic poet sings again of wars and dangers imminent, but it is no godless song of a thoughtless nation entering upon war with a light heart. Asaph the seer is well aware of the serious dangers arising from the powerful confederate nations, but his soul in faith stays itself upon Jehovah, while as a poet preacher he excites his countrymen to prayer by means of this sacred lyric.  The Asaph who penned this song was in all probability the person referred to in 2 Chronicles 20:14, for the internal evidence referring the subject of the Psalm to the times of Jehoshaphat is overwhelming.  The division in the camp of the confederate peoples in the wilderness of Tekoa not only broke up their league, but led to a mutual slaughter, which crippled the power of some of the nations for many years after.  They thought to destroy Israel and destroyed each other” (C. H. Spurgeon).


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