Psalm 36 – 4 “R” of Prayer

A Psalm of David

1. A reflection on the wicked (vs. 1-4).

a. No fear of God

b. Self flattery “in his own eyes”

c. Sinful speech

d. Deceitful speech

e. Departure from wise living

f. Departure from good living

g. Devises mischief on his bed

h. Hates not evil

2. A recognition of God’s character (vs.5-7a).

a. Mercy

b. Faithfulness

c. Righteousness

d. Judgement

e. Protecting

f. Lovingkindness

3. A response to God’s character (vs.7b-9).

a. Trust

b. Satisfaction

c. Seeing light

4. A rogation based on his contemplation (vs. 10-12).

a. Asks God not to change (vs.10).

b. Asks God for protection from the wicked (vs.11).

c. Expects his prayer to be answered (vs.12).

Question to ponder: If the wicked devise mischief upon their bed what should the righteous do on their bed?

Psalm 4:4,8

Psalm 63:5-6


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