Psalm 67 – Missions

Introduction: “This psalm breathes throughout the true missionary spirit. The psalmist, in the exercise of lively faith and ardent love, anticipates the conversion of all nations to God, and calls upon them all to praise him for his gracious guidance” (Family Bible note).

1. The Psalmist’s Request (vs.1)

Why could the Psalmist make this request with such confidence?

 Genesis 12:1-3

 Numbers 6:24-25

2.  The Psalmist’s Purpose (vs.2)

Like the Psalmist, are your desires in line with God’s desires?

3. The Psalmist’s Hope (vs.3-6)

4. The Psalmist Conclusion (vs.7)

Do you fear God?

What changes in a person’s life when he or she fears God?

 Proverbs 1:7

 Proverbs 8:13

How does a person learn to fear God?

 Proverbs 2:1-5

What keeps a person from fearing God?

 Proverbs 3:7



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