Psalm 148 – Reasons to Praise God

I often think in pictures and my mind goes into sensory overload when reading Psalm 148.  It seems like a representative of all of God’s creation is called upon to give glory and praise to God.  Try picturing all of the things mentioned in a mosaic of praise to our Creator!  I see exuberant praise of our glorious and majestic all-powerful and all-wise God.    Let’s take verse 9 as an example,  “Mountains and all hills, fruit trees and all cedars!”  IMG_8127edited



Can you sense praise in these photos?

We are given 4 grand reasons to praise God in Psalm 148:



1.  He is our Creator,
2.  His name alone is exalted,
3.  His majesty is above earth and heaven, and
4.  He is our Horn of Salvation.

Selected commentary by John Gill:

“Psalm 148:14 , He also exalteth the horn of his people,…. Which is done when he increases their strength, their spiritual strength especially; makes them strong in the Lord, in his grace, and in the power of his might; when their dominion and authority is enlarged, and victory given over all their enemies; particularly when the kingdom under the whole heaven shall be given to them, and when they shall reign with Christ on earth; for this phrase denotes the honourable as well as the safe state of the people of God; the horn being an emblem of power, authority, and dominion, . . . Some interpret this of Christ the Horn of David, the Horn of salvation, and the author of it, Psa_132:17; who is King over his people, as a horn signifies; and is the strength, safety, and security of them; has gotten them the victory over all their enemies, and is now exalted in heaven at the right hand of God, and that ‘for his people’ (g), as it may be rendered; he is both raised up and exalted for them; the praise of all his saints; that is, the Lord is the object of the praise of all his saints, to whom he has showed favour and kindness, and on whom he has bestowed the blessings of his grace; it is matter of praise that they are saints, set apart by God the Father, sanctified by the blood of Christ, and by the Spirit of God; and that their horn is exalted, or they raised to dignity and honour; and that Christ is raised and lifted up as an horn for them, 1Corinthians 1:30, Luke 1:68;”


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