Psalm 71- Outline

Introduction: “We have here THE PRAYER OF THE AGED BELIEVER, who, in holy confidence of faith, strengthened by a long and remarkable experience, pleads against his enemies, and asks further blessings for himself. Anticipating a gracious reply, he promises to magnify the Lord exceedingly” (C.H. Spurgeon).

1. Trust in God for His deliverance – vs. 1-4

2. Praise of God for His providence – vs. 5-8

3. Prayer to God for His presence and intervention – vs. 9-13

4. Commitments to God to speak of His righteousness – vs,14-18

5. Acknowledgement of God’s providence with praise for His greatness – vs.19-24


How might this Psalm be an example to us in our prayers this evening?

Is there a particular verse that speaks to your heart tonight?  Would you be willing to share how?


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