Psalm 38 – Rememberance

A Psalm of David

To Bring to Remembrance (same as Psalm 70)

Introduction: “The most wonderful features in this Psalm are the depth of misery into which the psalmist gradually plunges in his complaints in the first of it, the sudden grasp at the arm of mercy and omnipotence that is made in verse 9, and the extreme height of comfort and consolation that it reaches in the end.” – Benjamin Weiss

1. A deplorable condition:

In this Psalm what indicates David’s?

a. Spiritual distress:

b. Physical sickness:

c. Emotional & mental anguish:

d. Broken relationships:


2.  A honest confession:

To what does David attribute the cause of his distress?

3.  A prayerful confidence:

What indicates David’s hope in God?


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