Psalm 112 – The Blessed

Introduction:  While Psalm 111 focuses on the great works of God, Psalm 112 focuses on the blessings and works of men who fear God.

1. The Choices of the Blessed: vs. 1

a.      He ____________ God.

b.      He greatly ______________ in God’s Word.

Psalm 1:1-2

Joshua 1:8

2. The Characteristics of the Blessed: vs. 2 – 9

Vs. 2

Vs. 3

Vs. 4

Vs. 5

Vs. 6

Vs. 7

Vs. 8

Vs. 9

3. The Contrast to the blessed: vs. 10

How should this Psalm influence your prayers tonight?

Is there a particular verse that God used to challenge you tonight?

Selected Quote:

“Ver. 1. Feareth the Lord. Filial fear is here intended. Whereby we are both restrained from evil, Pr 3:7; and incited unto well doing, Ec 12:13; and whereof God alone is the author, Jer 32:39-40; A duty required of every one, Ps 33:8; Early, 1Ki 18:12; Only, Lu 12:5;  Continually, Pr 23:17; With confidence, Ps 115:11; With joyfulness, Ps 119:74; With thankfulness, Re 19:5.” –Thomas Wilson, in “A Complete Christian Dictionary,” 1661.

“Ver. 1. That delighteth greatly in his commandments — defining what constitutes the true “fear of the Lord,” which was termed “the beginning of wisdom,” Ps 111:10. He who hath this true “fear” delights (Ps 111:2) not merely in the theory, but in the practice of all “the Lord’s commandments.” Such fear, so far from being a “hard” service, is the only “blessed” one (Jer 32:39). Compare the Gospel commandments, 1Jo 3:23-24; Ps 112:3. True obedience is not task work, as formalists regard religion, but a “delight” (Ps 1:2).  Worldly delights, which made piety irksome, are supplanted by the newborn delight in and taste for the will and ways of God (Ps 19:7-10).” –A. R. Fausset.


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