Psalm 48 – Reasons for Praise

Introduction: “This is a spirited Psalm and song, having probably been suggested by the same occasion as the foregoing [Psalm]. It sets forth the privileges and blessings of God’s spiritual dominion as the terror of the wicked and joy of the righteous” (JFB).

“This Psalm is supposed to have been sung at the dedication of the second temple; though some think it was composed on the victory obtained by Jehoshaphat” (Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.). Regardless of its occasion we find at least 8 reason to praise God in the Psalm.

1. Praise for God’s greatness (vs.1-2).

Note: Part of verse 2 quoted by Christ in Matt.5:35

2. Praise for God’s protection (vs.3-8).

3. Praise for God’s lovingkindness (vs.9).

4. Praise for God’s name (vs.10).

5. Praise for God’s righteousness (vs.10).

6. Praise for God’s judgements (vs.11).

7. Praise for God’s eternality (vs.12-14a).

8. Praise for God’s Guidance (vs. 14b).


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