Psalm 54 – Rejection

Introduction: “To be betrayed by Doeg the Edomite had been hardly a surprise (Psalm 52, I Sam. 22:22), but now David finds himself rejected by men of his own tribe (I Sam. 23:19ff.; 26:1ff.), in spite of his rescue of one of their border towns from the Philistines (I Sam. 23:1ff.). In this dangerous and disillusioning situation he turns again to God.” (Psalms, Kidner pg. 197).

1.  David’s plea  (vs.1-2).

2.  David’s plight (vs.3).

3.  David’s position (vs.4-5a)

“The vigour of faith is the death of anxiety, and the birth of security” (C.H.S. ).

4.  David’s prayer (vs.5b).

5.  David’s praise (vs.6).

6.  David’s protection (vs.7).


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