Psalm 64 Persecution

Introduction: The scenario depicted in this Psalm has been repeated over and over again throughout history.  Two of the most classic examples are Haman & Mordecai, and the Princes of Darius’ court & Daniel.  In each of these examples the workers of wickedness came to sudden destruction and people feared God. Of course it initially applied to David’s life as he penned the psalm and ultimately to the promised King who would set upon his throne – The Lord Jesus Christ!

When you are persecuted for righteousness sake:

1.  Call Upon God (vs.1-2)

2.  Know Your Enemy (vs.3-6)

3.  Expect God’s Judgement (vs.7-8)

4. Experience The Results (vs.9-10)

Whole Psalm.  “A cry of God’s elect, when persecuted for righteousness’ sake, to their Deliverer and sure Avenger.  The general principle stated is very clear.  The Psalm will adjust itself, as an experimental utterance, to the lips of Christian faith wherever brought into contact with the evil forces of the prince of this world, so as to suffer affliction for the gospel’s sake; for it expresses the condition and the hope of one actually imperilled for the truth.  How aptly a portion of this Psalm applies to the suffering Truth Himself in the days of his affliction, when, pierced in his spirit by lying words, he endured the contradiction of sinners against himself, needs not be pointed out.”  Arthur Pridham, in “Notes and Reflections on the Psalms,” 1869. (From Treasury of David, Spurgeon).


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