Psalm 33 – Praise

Introduction: “A call to lively and joyous praise to God for His glorious attributes and works, as displayed in creation, and His general and special providence, in view of which, the Psalmist, for all the pious, professes trust and joy and invokes God’s mercy.” JFB

1. A call to praise God (vs.1).

2. Some ways to praise God (vs.2-3).

3. Many reasons to praise God (vs. 4-19).

a. His truth (vs. 4).

b. His righteousness (vs.5).

c. His goodness (vs.5).

d. His creation (vs. 6).

e. His power (vs.7-9).

f. His sovereignty (vs.10-12).

g. His omnipresence (vs.13-14).

h. His deliverance (vs.15-19).

4. Necessary attitudes to praise God (vs.20-22).

a. Waiting on the Lord (vs.20).

b. Trusting in the Lord (vs. 21).

c. Praying to the Lord (vs.22).

d. Hoping in the Lord (vs.22).


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