Psalm 130

Introduction: “Luther being once asked which were the best Psalms, replied, Psalmi Paulini; and when his companions at table pressed him to say which these were, he answered: Psalms 32, 51, 130, and 143.” –Franz Delitzsch.

1. Calling on the LORD: He ___________________!  – vs.1-2

When do you call upon the Lord most fervently?

2. Relying on the LORD: He ___________________! – vs.3-4

What causes you to reverence the Lord most ardently?

3. Waiting on the LORD: He ___________________! – vs.5-6

What enables you to wait on God most assuredly?

4. Hoping in the LORD: He ____________________! – vs.7-8

What truth about God brings hope to you most tenderly?

How should this Psalm influence our prayers tonight?

Selected Quotation:

“Whole Psalm. The circumstances in which Dr. John Owen’s Exposition of Psalm 130 originated are peculiarly interesting. Dr. Owen himself, in a statement made to Mr. Richard Davis, who ultimately became pastor of a church in Rowel, Northamptonshire, explains the occasion which led him to a very careful examination of the fourth verse in the Psalm.  Mr. Davis, being under religious impressions, had sought a conference with Owen. In the course of the conversation, Dr. Owen put the question, “Young man, pray in what manner do you think to go to God?” “Through the Mediator, sir”, answered Mr. Davis.  “That is easily said”, replied the doctor, “but I assure you it is another thing to go to God through the Mediator than many who make use of the expression are aware of. I myself preached Christ”, he continued, “some years, when I had but very little, if any, experimental acquaintance with access to God through Christ; until the Lord was pleased to visit me with sore affliction, whereby I was brought to the mouth of the grave, and under which my soul was oppressed with horror and darkness; but God graciously relieved my spirit by a powerful application of Ps 130:4, But there is forgiveness with thee, that thou mayest be feared, from whence I received special instruction, peace and comfort, in drawing near to God through the Mediator, and preached thereupon immediately after my recovery.” –William H. Goold, editor of Owen’s Collected Works, 1851.”


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