Psalm 89 – Outline/Questions

Introduction:  This Psalm glorifies God’s faithfulness, reviews His covenant with David, acknowledges God’s current chastening, and pleads for God’s remembrance of them in their present distress.

Brief outline:

I.           Joyful praise for God’s mercies and faithfulness – vs.1-5

II.        Reverent awe for the power and might of God – vs.6-14

III.      Acknowledgment of the blessings of knowing God – vs.15-18

IV.     Delineation of God’s covenant with David – vs.19-37

V.        Testimony concerning their present chastening – vs.38-45

VI.     Entreaty for God’s loving help in the present – vs.46-52

Questions to help us think deeper:

1.       God’s mercy and faithfulness is beautifully highlighted in this Psalm.  What other attributes of God are mentioned?

2.       How does the Psalmist demonstrate God’s greatness and power?

a.       A series __________________  vs. 6 & 8

b.       A series of _______________________ vs. 9-13

3.       What verse demonstrates a proper response to being in God’s presence and having knowledge of Him?

4.       Are you experiencing the blessings of knowing God as revealed in verses 15-18?

5.       Where is the turning point in this Psalm between the Psalmist knowledge of God’s truth and it’s practical application in his present difficulties?

Questions of personal application:

1.       How should this Psalm influence your prayers tonight?

2.       Is there a particular verse that speaks to your heart?

Special Quote: “This psalm may be viewed as an amplification of the ancient promise of God to David by Nathan, 2 Samuel 7:12-17, with a prayer that God would conform his dealings with his covenant people to it.  It plainly belongs to the later period of the Jewish history, when calamity upon calamity befell the kings of David’s line, and with them the nation.   The children of God, even in the deepest trials, have cause to sing of the mercies of the Lord, and praise him for his kindness to the sons of men.”   (Family Bible Note).


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