Psalm 147 – Praise

1.      The Psalmist tells us why we should praise God in vs. 1:

a.       It is ______________________   James 4:17

b.      It is ______________________

c.       It is ______________________

Definition: Hebrew: na’veh, – suitable, or beautiful:–becometh, comely, seemly.

N.W. 1828:  Comely – 2. Decent; suitable; proper; becoming; suited to time, place, circumstances or persons.

2.      The Psalmist exhorts us to praise God in 4 verses which are like repeating refrains in this song:

vs.1 –

vs.7  –  According to this verse what should accompany our praise?

vs.12 –

vs.20 –

3.     The rest of the verses in the Psalm reveal to us some specific attributes and acts of which God is praise worthy:

By way of this example can we derive a list of categories for our own specific praise of God?

vs.2-3 – For His ___________________________________

vs.4-5 – For His ____________________________________

vs.8-9 – For His ____________________________________

vs.10-11 – For His __________________________________

vs.13-14 – For His __________________________________

vs.15-19 – For His __________________________________

4.      According to verse 11, in what does God take pleasure?

Are you bringing pleasure to God in your life?

5.      What can you do to be growing in your worship and praise of God?

Is this even an appropriate question or is there a better question to ask?


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