Psalm 49 – Evil Death

Introduction: This is a wisdom Psalm, which offers instruction to all mankind rather than praise and worship to God.

1. The Psalmist desires an audience for a thought-provoking question (vs.1-4)

2. The Psalmist’s question (vs.5).

Why should I fear _______________?

3. The Psalmist’s implication of who should fear death (vs. 6-14):

Verse 14

“The poor saints were once the tail, but at the day break they shall be the head. Sinners rule till night fall; their honours wither in the evening, and in the morning they find their position utterly reversed. The sweetest reflection to the upright is that “the morning” here intended begins an endless, changeless, day. What a vexation of spirit to the proud worldling, when the Judge of all the earth holds his morning session, to see the man whom he despised, exalted high in heaven, while he himself is cast away!” C. H. Spurgeon, Treasury of David

4. The Psalmist’s confident assurance in God that he has no reason to fear death (vs. 15).

5. The Psalmist’s moral to the story (vs. 16-20).


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