Psalm 56 – Outline

Introduction: “Upon Jonath-elem-rechokim–literally, “upon the dove of silence” of distant places; either denoting a melody of that name, to which this Psalm was to be performed; or it is an enigmatical form of denoting the subject, as given in the history referred to (1 Samuel 21:11), David being regarded as an uncomplaining, meek dove, driven from his native home to wander in exile. Beset by domestic and foreign foes, David appeals confidently to God, recites his complaints, and closes with joyful and assured anticipations of God’s continued help” (JFB).

1. A prayer for every distress caused by man (1-2):

2.  A plan, when you are tempted to be fearful (3-4):

3.  A plea for justice and judgment (5-7):

4.  A place before God who cares (8-9):

5.  A purpose of praise for God’s deliverance (10-13):


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