Psalm 21- Thanksgiving

This is a thanksgiving psalm for the answered prayers of Psalm 20.

I.  The king praises his Lord for (vs. 1-7):

1. God’s strength (vs.1)

2. God’s salvation (vs.1)

3. God’s answering of prayer (vs.2)

4. God’s blessings of goodness (vs.3)

5. God’s gift of a crown (vs.3)

6. God’s gift of life (vs.4)

7. God’s gift of being the ruler (vs.5)

8. God’s favor and presence (vs.6)

II.  The king expresses confidence in his Lord (vs.7)

III.  The congregation expresses confidence in their king (vs. 8-12).

IV.  The king and congregation join together in praise of their Lord (vs.13).


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