Psalm 72 – The King

Introduction: This Psalm reveals the heart and prayer of King David as he transfers his reign to Solomon his son as the new king. This prayer was specifically for Solomon but  complete fulfillment could only be in Jesus Christ the perfect Son of David and King of Kings for all eternity. See further Isaiah 11:1-5 for a clearly messianic passage that is similar to Psalm 72.

1.  Characteristics of the rule of the perfect King – Solomon was a type of the messianic King to come:

a) Righteous Judgement (vs.1-7) cf. 2 Samuel 23:1-5

b) Complete Dominion (vs.8-11)

c) Beneficial Deliverance (vs.12-14)

d) Praiseful existence (vs.15-16)

e) Eternal existence  (vs.17)

2. Doxology of praise for God’s glorious works on earth  (vs.18-19).

3. Postscript reflecting on the fact that David’s prayers are ended (vs.20). See further I Kings 2:1-4


How might this Psalm be an example to us in our prayers this evening?

Is there a particular verse that speaks to your heart tonight?  Would you be willing to share how?

Quote:  Psalm 72  “TITLE.  “A Psalm for Solomon.”  The best linguists affirm that this should be rendered, of or by Solomon.  There is not sufficient ground for the rendering  for. It is pretty certain that the title declares Solomon to be the author of the Psalm, and yet from Ps 72:20 it would seem that David uttered it in prayer before he died.  With some diffidence we suggest that the spirit and matter of the Psalm are David’s, but that he was too near his end to pen the words, or cast them into form: Solomon, therefore, caught his dying father’s song, fashioned it in goodly verse, and, without robbing his father, made the Psalm his own.  It is, we conjecture, the Prayer of David, but the Psalm of Solomon.  Jesus is here, beyond all doubt, in the glory of his reign, both as he now is, and as he shall be revealed in the latter day glory” (C. H. Spurgeon).


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