Psalm 76 – Study Questions

1. What can we know about God from this Psalm?

a)  Vs. 1-2 –

b) Vs. 3 –

c) Vs. 4 –

d) Vs. 6 –

e) Vs. 8-9 –

f) Vs. 10 –

g) Vs. 12 –

2. Knowing these things, what should our response be to Him?

a) Vs. 7-8 –

b) Vs. 11 –


How might this Psalm be an example to us in our prayers this evening?

Is there a particular verse that speaks to your heart tonight?  Would you be willing to share why?

Ver. 4.  “‘Thou art more glorious and excellent than the mountains of prey.’  Far more is Jehovah to be extolled than all the invading powers which sought to oppress his people, though they were for power and greatness comparable to mountains.  Assyria had pillaged the nations till it had become rich with mountains of spoil, this was talked of among men as glory, but the psalmist despised such renown, and declares that the Lord was far more illustrious.  What are the honours of war but brags of murder?  What the fame of conquerors but the reek of manslaughter?  But the Lord is glorious in holiness, and his terrible deeds are done in justice for the defence of the weak and the deliverance of the enslaved.  Mere power may be glorious, but it is not excellent: when we behold the mighty acts of the Lord, we see a perfect blending of the two qualities.”  C.H. Spurgeon


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