Psalm 108 – Praising God

Introduction: This Psalm seems to have been put together for a special occasion by drawing upon parts of two of David’s others Psalms –
Ps 57:7-11 and Ps 60:5-12. Nevertheless, it stands as a wonderful song of praise for the warriors of Israel as they go into battle.  Their confidence was not to be in man but in God their Savior.

1. A Preparation for Praising God – vs.1-3


My Glory

What can we learn from David’s choices in these verses?

2. Some Reasons for Praising God – vs. 4-5

God is ____________________________________

God is ____________________________________

God is ____________________________________

3. A Prayer while Praising God – vs.6

4. The Basis for his prayer – “God hath spoken in His holiness” vs.7

a.      Cause of Joy – “I will rejoice”

b.      Reason for action – “I will”

5. A Counting of God’s Blessings – vs.8

6. An Envisioning of Victory – vs. 9

II Samuel 8:1-3, 13-14

7. The Guarantor of Their Success – “God” – vs-10-12

Verse 1 – “Even with my glory — with my intellect, my tongue, my poetic faculty, my musical skill, or whatever else causes me to be renowned, and confers honour upon me.  It is my glory to be able to speak and not to be a dumb animal, therefore my voice shall show forth thy praise; it is my glory to know God and not to be a heathen, and therefore my instructed intellect shall adore thee; it is my glory to be a saint and no more a rebel, therefore the grace I have received shall bless thee; it is my glory to be immortal and not a mere brute which perisheth, therefore my inmost life shall celebrate thy majesty. When he says I will, he supposes that there might be some temptation to refrain, but this he puts on one side, and with fixed heart prepares himself for the joyful engagement. He who sings with a fixed heart is likely to sing on, and all the while to sing well” (C. H. Spurgeon – Treasury of David).


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