Psalm 119:89-96

LAMED  – Stanza 12 – verses 89-96

Introduction:  Discussion – How important is your word?

1.       What do we learn about God from the Psalmist in verses 89-91?

a.       God is __________________________ -vs.89

b.       God is __________________________ – vs.90a

c.       God is __________________________ – vs.90b -91

2.       What do we learn about God’s word in this stanza?

a.       God’s word is ______________ and ________________.  vs.89

b.       God’s word helps during times of ___________________. vs.92

c.       God’s word ___________________________ (gives life). vs.93

d.       God’s word gives ____________________________. vs.94-95

e.       God’s word is _______________ _____________ it brings an end to my thoughts of perfection. vs96

3.       How should these trues affect our prayers tonight?

Selected Quote:

“LAMED. — Ver. 89. — Here the climax of the delineation of the suppliant’s pilgrimage is reached. We have arrived at the center of the psalm, and the thread of the connection is purposely broken off. The substance of the first eleven strophes has evidently been: “Hitherto hath the Lord brought me: shall it be that I now perish?” To this the eleven succeeding strophes make answer, “The Lord’s word changeth not; and in spite of all evil foreboding, the Lord will perfect concerning me the work that he hath already begun.” –Joseph Francis Thruput, 1860, as quoted by C. H. Spurgeon.


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