Psalm 127

Theme: Perspective is everything! With what perspective are you looking at life and the world we live in? We should aspire to the same perspective of this Psalm:

1. A right perspective concerning life – vs.1

a.      Without God labor is vain!

What does the word vain mean?

Vain – 1) Empty; worthless; having no substance, value or importance. 2) Fruitless; ineffectual. All attempts, all efforts were vain.

b.      Without God war is vain!

Review first verse of the Psalms of degrees: On whom do these Psalms focus?

2. A right perspective concerning rest – vs.2

What does the Psalmist call vain in this verse?

Psalm 4:8

Proverbs 3:23

Proverbs 6:9-11

Proverbs 20:13

Ecclesiastes 5:12

3. A right perspective concerning children – vs.3-5

a. Children are a gift from God – When?

b. Children are like arrows – How?

c. Children bring happiness – Why?

How should this Psalm influence our prayers tonight?

Selected Quotation:

“Ver. 5. I remember a great man coming into my house, at Waltham, and seeing all my children standing in the order of their age and stature, said, “These are they that make rich men poor.” But he straight received this answer, “Nay, my lord, these are they that make a poor man rich; for there is not one of these whom we would part with for all your wealth.” It is easy to observe that none are so gripple and hard fisted as the childless; whereas those, who, for the maintenance of large families, are inured to frequent disbursements, find such experience of Divine providence in the faithful management of their affairs, as that they lay out with more cheerfulness what they receive. Wherein their care must be abated when God takes it off from them to himself; and, if they be not wanting to themselves, their faith gives them ease in casting their burden upon him, who hath more power and more right to it, since our children are more his than our own. He that feedeth the young ravens, can he fail the best of his creatures? –Joseph Hall, 1574-1656.”


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