Psalm 6 – Study Questions

Introduction:  The Psalms are often a glimpse into the personal relationship of a man and his Creator.  In this Psalm of David we see a man being honest with God in his prayer for deliverance in time of great trial.

Study Questions:

  1. What key words in this Psalm describe David’s condition?
  1. What requests does David make of God?
  1. What statements toward the end of the Psalm show David’s hope and confidence in God?

Reflection Questions:

  1. Are you honest with God in your prayers?
  1. Will you put your trust in God during trials?    If so, what would be the result or evidence in your life that you did put your confidence in God?

Selected Quotation:  The Treasury of David, C. H. Spurgeon

Calvin’s favorite exclamation was “Domine usque quo” – “O Lord, how long?” Nor could his sharpest pains, during a life of anguish, force from him any other word. Surely this is the cry of the saints under the altar, “O Lord, how long?” And this should be the cry of the saints waiting for the millennial glories, “Why are his chariots so long in coming; Lord, how long?” Those of us who have passed through conviction of sin knew what it was to count our minutes hours, and our hours years, while mercy delayed its coming. We watched for the dawn of grace, as they that watch for the morning. Earnestly did our anxious spirits ask, “O Lord, how long?”


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