Psalm 40 Study Questions

Bible study questions:

1.   What happened to the Psalmist when he waited upon God?

Vs. 1:

Vs. 2:

Vs. 3:

2.  What happened to others  when the Psalmist waited upon God?

Vs. 3:

Vs. 4:

3.  How did the Psalmist feel about God in verse 5?


4.  What did the Psalmist resolve to do in verses 6-8?


5.  The Psalmist’s resolve resulted in what type of activity?

Vs. 9:

Vs. 10:

6.  What did the Psalmist ask God for in his prayers?

Vs. 11

Vs. 12 – 13

Vs.14 – 15

Vs. 16

Vs. 17


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