Psalm 119:129-136

PE – stanza 17 – vs.129-136

1.       Do you agree with the Psalmist assessment of God’s testimonies?


2.       Have you experienced the benefits of God’s Word like the Psalmist?


3.       How would you describe your desire for God’s commandments?


4.       What aids the Psalmist prayer in verse 132?

5.       Does the Psalmist requests resemble our Lord’s model prayer?

Vs.133 compared with Matthew 6:9-15

6.       Should we pray the same prayers as the Psalmist in verse 134-135?

7.       Who is the Psalmist concerned about in verse 136?

Should we have this same concern?

Selected Quote:

“Ver. 129 — Thy commands are wonderful. Full of wonderful revelations, commands and promises. Wonderful in their nature, as being free from all error, and bearing within themselves overwhelming self evidence of their truth; wonderful in their effects as instructing, elevating, strengthening, and comforting the soul. Jesus the eternal Word is called Wonderful, and all the uttered words of God are wonderful in their degree. Those who know them best wonder at them most. It is wonderful that God should have borne testimony at all to sinful men, and more wonderful still that his testimony should be of such a character, so clear, so full, so gracious, so mighty.

Therefore doth my soul keep them. Their wonderful character so impressed itself upon his mind that he kept them in his memory: their wonderful excellence so charmed his heart that he kept them in his life. Some men wonder at the words of God, and use them for their speculation; but David was always practical, and the more he wondered the more he obeyed. Note that his religion was soul work; not with head and hand alone did he keep the testimonies; but his soul, his truest and most real self, held fast to them.”

C. H. Spurgeon


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