Psalm 118 – God’s Goodness and Mercy

“O give thanks. According to tradition, ancient Jewish pilgrims sang Psalm 118:1-19 on their way up to Jerusalem. The temple priests and Levites then responded with Psalm 118:20-27; then all together sang Psalm 118:28-29” (Henry Morris).

1. A call to thank God for His goodness and mercy –vs. 1-4

2. A testimony of God’s goodness and mercy – vs. 5-21

a.      God answers prayer – vs. 5

b.      God  sends help – vs. 6-7

c.      God can be trusted –vs. 8-9

d.      God gives victory over enemies – vs. 10-13

e.      God is everything to the psalmist  – vs. 11-16

f.        God’s works should be made known – vs. 17

g.      God chastens – vs. 18

h.      God opens gates of righteousness – vs. 19 -20

i.        God hears us – vs. 21

j.        God is sovereign – vs. 22-25

k.       God is worthy to be praised – vs. 26-29

“That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.”  Ephesians  2:7

Selected quotes:

Whole Psalm. This is the last of those Psalms which form the great Hallel, which the Jews sang at the end of the passover. Adam Clarke.

Whole Psalm. The whole Psalm has a peculiar formation. It resembles the Maschal Psalms, for each verse has of itself its completed sense, its own scent and hue; one thought is joined to another as branch to branch and flower to flower. Franz Delitzsch.

Click here for Robert J. Morgan’s outline of Psalm 118


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