Psalm 119:121-128

AIN – Stanza 16 – vs.121-128

Introduction: “On the grounds of his integrity, desire for God’s word, and covenant relation to Him, the servant of God may plead for His protecting care against the wicked, gracious guidance to the knowledge of truth, and His effective vindication of the righteous and their cause, which is also His own”
(J. F. B).

1.       What claims does the Psalmist make about his character?





2.       What requests does the Psalmist make to God?






3.       What attributes of God does the Psalmist acknowledge?



4.       What great conclusions does the Psalmist make in this stanza?


Selected Quote:

Word study on “Surety” – vs.122   “עָרַב, עָרַב [`arab /aw·rab/] v. AV translates as “surety” nine times, “meddle” twice, “mingled” twice, “pledges” twice, “becometh” once, “engaged” once, “intermeddle” once, “mortgaged” once, “occupiers” once, “occupy” once, and “undertake” once. 1 to pledge, exchange, mortgage, engage, occupy, undertake for, give pledges, be or become surety, take on pledge, give in pledge” (Enhanced Strongs).

Word study on “servant” – vs.122, 124, 125 “The ‘servant’ was not a free man. He was subject to the will and command of his master. But one might willingly and lovingly submit to his master (Exod. 21:5), remaining in his service when he was not obliged to do so. Hence it is a very fitting description of the relationship of man to God” (Vine).


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