Psalm 145 – Praise

1. The Choice to Praise – vs.1-2

a.       Duration –

b.       Frequency –

2. The King to Praise – vs.1-17

vs.3 – God’s _____________________________________________

vs.4 – God’s ____________________ & _______________________

vs.5 – God’s ____________________ & _______________________

vs.6 – God’s ____________  ________ & _____________________

vs.7 – God’s _____________________ & ______________________

vs.8 – God’s _______________ ______ & ______________________

______________________ & ______________________

vs.9 – God’s ______________________ & _____________________

vs.10 – God’s _____________________ & _____________________

vs.11 – God’s __________  __________ & _____________________

vs.12 – God’s _____________________ & _____________________

vs.13 – God’s _____________________________________________

vs. 14 – God’s _____________________________________________

vs.15 -16 – God’s __________________________________________

vs.17 – God’s _____________________& _______________________

3. The Person of Praise – vs. 18-20

a.       Calls upon God in ___________________ vs.18

b.       Calls upon God in ___________________ vs.19

c.       Calls upon God in ___________________ vs.20

4. The Call to Praise – vs.21

Selected Quotation:

“Ver. 1. For ever and ever. Praise is the only part of duty in which we at present engage, which is lasting. We pray, but there shall be a time when prayer shall offer its last litany; we believe, but there shall be a time when faith shall be lost in sight; we hope, and hope maketh not ashamed, but there shall be a time when hope lies down and dies, lost in the splendour of the fruition that God shall reveal. But praise goes singing into heaven, and is ready without a teacher to strike the harp, that is waiting for it, to transmit along the echoes of eternity the song of the Lamb. In the party coloured world in which we live, there are days of various sorts and experiences, making up the aggregate of the Christian’s life. There are waiting days, in which, because Providence fences us round, and it seems as if we cannot march, we cannot move, as though we must just wait to see what the Lord is about to do in us and for us; and there are watching days, when it behooves us never to slumber, but to be always ready for the attacks of our spiritual enemy; and there are warring days, when with nodding plume, and with ample armour, we must go forth to do battle for the truth; and there are weeping days, when it seems as if the fountains of the great deep within us were broken up; and as though, through much tribulation, we had to pass to heaven in tears. But these days shall all pass away by and by — waiting days all be passed, warring days all be passed, watching days all be passed; but ‘Our days of praise shall ne’er be past While life, and thought, and being last, And immortality endures.’ –William Morley Punshon, 1824-1881.” (As quoted by C. H. Spurgeon).


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