Psalm 119:97-104

MEM – Stanza 13 – verses 97-104

1.       What motivates the Psalmist to meditate on God’s Law (vs.97)?

Does a lack of meditation on the Word of God reveal a lack of

____________ for God and His Word ?

Will meditation on the Word of God promote __________ of God?

2.       What are the benefits of meditation

(vs.98)? __________________________________________

(vs.99)? __________________________________________

What type of meditation is the Psalmist describing?

3.       Why does the Psalmist say that he understands more than the ancients do (vs.100)?

4.       What is the Psalmist willing to do to keep God’s Word (vs.101)?

5.       Who does the Psalmist credit for his not departing from God’s ways (vs.102)?

6.       Can you relate to the analogy used for how good God’s Word is


7.       Is it right that knowledge from God’s Word, that gives one understand, would lead the Psalmist to hate falsehood (vs.104)?

8.       How should these verses affect our prayers tonight?

Selected quote:

Ver. 98. –“ They are ever with me. A good man, wherever he goes, carries his Bible along with him, if not in his hands, yet in his head and in his heart.” ——-Matthew Henry, as quoted by C. H. Spurgeon.

Ver. 98-100. – “Three sorts of men he mentions, “enemies,” “teachers,” “ancients”; the enemies excel in policy, teachers in doctrine, and ancients in counsel; and yet by the word was David made wiser than all these. Malice sharpens the wit of enemies, and teacheth them the arts of opposition; teachers are furnished with learning because of their office; and ancients grow wise by experience; yet David, by the study of the word, excelled all these.” –Thomas Manton, as quoted by C. H. Spurgeon


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