Touched by this Poem that was read on Sunday before communion

Before I take the body of my Lord

Before I share his life in bread and wine

I recognize the sorry things within

These I lay down

The words of hope I often fail to give

The prayers of kindness buried by my pride

The signs of care I argued out of sight

These I lay down

The narrowness of vision and of mind

The need of other folk to serve my will

And every word and silence meant to hurt

These I lay down

Of those around in whom I meet my Lord

I ask them pardon and grant them mine

That every contradiction of Christ’s peace

Might be laid down

Lord Jesus, companion at this feast

I empty now my heart and stretch my hands

And ask to meet you here in bread and wine

Which you lay down.

source: Unknown at this time.  I will credit when I find out.


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