Words for Focus in the New Year!

IMG_2303If you have read my recent posts, you know that my word for change in 2016 is ALIGNMENT. However, our pastor has been giving the word HOPE to our church for this year:

H = healing – both spiritually, emotionally, and physically – Yes, I need this . . .

O = opportunity -for spiritual growth and  service of God and others . . .

P = prayer/promise – clinging to God’s promises in vigilant prayer  . . .

E = experience – a closer relationship in sensing the presence of God . . .

O Lord, please bring healing to my soul and body, help me see and not shrink back from the opportunities before me in 2016 for personal growth and selfless service,  give me grace to cling to your promises in constant prayer, and help me to experience your presence in my life in a new and thrilling way.  Lord I need you!  Come and fill me with Your Spirit to be all that you want me to be in Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior.

I have hope that my thinking can be aligned with God’s Word and will for my life in 2016.  May He be glorified and magnified in my life.

I would love to hear if God has given you a word for 2016 that brings you HOPE!


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