Happy New Year of Alignment!

I sometimes like having key words or themes for periods of time.  When I  had leadership positions in the past I would choose a theme for the year which brought focus and a challenge throughout the year.

So, why haven’t I done this for myself when not in a leadership position?  Not sure. Not going to dwell there! I’m choosing to put the past behind me. I’m moving forward out of my despondency and lethargy.

This year the word alignment has arrested my attention.  The word jumped out at me while working through a course entitled, 5 Days To Your Best Year Ever, by Michael Hyatt.  Oh, and by the way, the course has been a great way to jump start my year with a method of goal setting that taps into my motivations.  Thanks, Michael Hyatt. Thanks to my wife Tammie who encouraged me to take the course.  Ok, back to alignment.

For 2016 and the rest of my life I need to align my mind with truth.  I often believe limiting lies that keep me from needed change or achievements.  My mom tried to raise me with an I can attitude, but the I can’ts are lies that creep in so easily.

Just the other day one of those puzzling math post came up on Facebook. At first glance I accepted a limiting lie, “I could never solve that problem”.  I paused, remembered Michael Hyatt’s talk on limiting beliefs and rejected the lie. I remembered the liberating truth my mom tried to instill in me, ” I can’t, never did anything, but I can, can do anything.”  A liberating truth moment!  Alignment!  I solved the logic of the problem in less then 1 minute. It was easy when my thinking and mind was aligned with truth.  I can!

How about you?  What limiting lies are you believing that need to be discarded in 2016?  Will you replace them with liberating truths and have a break through year with me?

Wishing you a blessed New Year of alignment with liberating truth!



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