Alignment Is my Word for 2016

WebFor years I have been ordering my life with a view toward balance.  I have tried to keep my life goals, activities, responsibilities, and my theology in balance.  Unwittingly this has led to much frustration because I have viewed the varying parts or elements to be in opposition to each other rather then complementing each other.   This week I was introduced to a new way of viewing life by replacing the concept of balance with alignment.  My goals, activities, responsibilities, and yes, even my theology do not have to balance they need to be in alignment.

Webster’s online definitions are as follows:

Alignment: the act of aligning or state of being aligned; especially :  the proper positioning or state of adjustment of parts (as of a mechanical or electronic device) in relation to each other

– to arrange things so that they form a line or are in proper position
– to change (something) so that it agrees with or matches something else

So, my goals for 2016 need to be in a proper relationship to each other or adjusted to work together like separate gears in synch.

My activities in 2016 must  support or line up with my goals.

My responsibilities can now be viewed as the oil that lubes the gears of my purpose in life which is reflected in my goals and activities.

And my theology must be brought into alignment or agreement with God’s truth revealed in His creation and Word, the Bible.

I am thinking that with the framework of alignment for 2016 rather than balance that I will be able to magnify the Lord for what He will do in my life as I seek Him and allow His Spirit to lead, guide, and support a life that is in alignment with Him.


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