James 4:11-17, The Error of Pride

The Error of giving into a resurgence
of pride after repentance of lustful sin.

Introduction: Having been rebuked by James for our lusts and friendship with the world in James 4:1-4 and having been directed in verses 5-10 to humbly repent, James warns us against being lifted up in pride after our repentance of sinful lusts. In verses 11-16 we are warned of the danger of a resurgence of pride – The error of arrogant judging and the error of arrogant planning.

Theme: Guard against the error of arrogant judging and arrogant planning

Transition: After humbly responding to God’s correction:

I.  Don’t judge your brother in pride:
The error of arrogant attacks (4:10-11 cf. Liv.19:16-18).

“Speak not evil” Lit- Speak down on – “denotes critical, derogatory speech that is maliciously intended to influence others against the person being spoken against” (Hiebert p.267). Term used of unbelievers toward believers in I Peter 2:12 & 3:16.

Judgeth the law “Whoever deliberately breaks a law and does not repent of it, thereby speaks evil against it and treats it as a bad law, since it is the essence of a law to require obedience, and he who refuses obedience virtually says it ought not to be law” (Tasker p.100).

Illustration: Not wearing your set belt – You are judging the law to not be worthy of your obedience.

Application: Personal convictions / standards “Whatever is not of faith is sin”

Personal Illustration: Changing my Music habit after I was saved – learning to not judge others.

Illustration: Man who gave up watching sports on TV because he was putting them before the Lord.

II.  Don’t boast about your plans for the future:
The error of presumptuous planning (4:13-16).

A. You cannot know the future (vs.14).

B. Your life is short (vs.14).

C. You need to say, “If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this or that (vs.15).

Example: Paul – Acts 17:21,1 Cor. 4:19, 16:7

D. Your boasting is evil (vs.16)


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