Book Update!

Update to the update: We have sent the manuscript by mail to a former professor who has agreed to review it and give us feed back before our final edit and rewrite. Sorry to those who were hoping that it would be published before Christmas 2013. We continue to ask for your prayers as we seek God’s direction. Thank, mark


In January of 2011  I started writing “God Is” devotionals to help me and others grow in knowing God.  I set the goal of writing 52, which I completed in March of 2013.    I am now rewriting and editing the devotionals into a book.  A friend of mine recently came up with this cover for the book: IMG_7422

I would ask that you pray that God would lead us to the right path for publication and the right people to give us feedback as they review the manuscript for errors (formatting, grammar, and spelling), content (message and doctrine), and readability (style).
I still have a lot of work to complete the manuscript but am grateful for all those who have helped and encouraged me thus far!

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