God Is: 52 Scriptural Meditations on Knowing God

I want to thank all of you who have encouraged me over the past 2 years to keep writing about our gracious and loving Lord!  I have been working at combining and re-writing the 52 devotionals into one manuscript for a book.  I am adding a Scripture memory verses and some questions for personal reflections and/or group discussion to each meditation. Your prayers are appreciated as we seek God’s will concerning the editing phase and future publication.   The working title thus far for the book is  God Is: 52 Scriptural Meditations on Knowing God.  We hope that you have been blessed by God’s Word and thinking about who our great God Is.   Blessing to you in Christ!

Sincerely, Mark Worden

Devotional 1:  Seeking Idols or God in the New Year

Devotional 2:  God Is!

Devotional 3:  God is Light!

Devotional 4:  God Is Beyond Us!

Devotional 5:  God Is Knowable!

Devotional 6:  God Is Near!

Devotional 7:  God Is Merciful!

Devotional 8:  God Is Holy!

Devotional 9:  God Is Perfect in Justice!

Devotional 10:  God is Righteous!

Devotional 11:  God is Judge!

Devotional 12:  God Is The Lawgiver!

Devotional 13:  God Is King!

Devotional 14:  God Is Sovereign!

Devotional 15:   God is Good!

Devotional 16: God is Faithful!

Devotional 17:  God Is True – part 1

Devotional 18: God is True – part 2

Devotional 19:  God is Wise!

Devotional 20: God is Powerful!

Devotional 21:  God is Spirit!

Devotional 22: God Is our Father!

Devotional 23: God is our Shield! I Know!

Devotional 24: God is Witness!

Devotional 25:  God Is Unchanging!

Devotional 26: God is One!

Devotional 27: God is Eternal!

Devotional 28:  God Is the Giver of Life!

Devotional 29:  God is the Creator!

Devotional 30:  God is our Guide!

Devotional 31: God is Our Shepherd

Devotional 32: God is Jealous

Devotional 33: God is Angry!

Devotional 34: God is Forbearing!

Devotional 35:   God is Patient!

Devotional 36: God is Kind

Devotional 37: God is Not Partial

Devotional 38: God is Gracious

Devotional 39: God is Omniscient (all knowing)

Devotional 40: God is our Physician!

Devotional 41: God is All-Present (Omnipresent)

Devotional 42: God is Infinite

Devotional 43: God is Provider – Jehovahjireh

Devotional 44: God is Peace – Jehovahshalom

Devotional 45: God is our Banner – Jehovahnissi

Devotional 46: God is our Comfort

Devotional 47: God is a Consuming Fire

Devotional 48: God is NOT a Man

Devotional 49: God is Love

Devotional 50: God is Salvation

Devotional 51: God is a Rewarder

Devotional 52: God is Glorious


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