Magnifying God’s Faithfulness

What a joy to have been able to write and preach about God’s faithfulness in the Year of Our Lord 2010.

The Links to the “Pastor Chat” devotionals on God’s Faithfulness are as follows:

January:  Dwelling on God’s Faithfulness!
February:  Telling Others of God’s Faithfulness!
March:  Hope and Confidence through God’s Faithfulness
April:  God’s Callings and His Faithfulness
May:  Chastening and God’s Faithfulness
June:  God is Faithful in Mercy
July:  Praise, Prayer and God’s Faithfulness
August:  God’s Faithfulness in Spiritual Battle
September:  God’s Faithfulness during Upheaval and Change
October:  God’s Faithfulness and our Love and Obedience
November:  Sharing Your Testimony of God’s Faithfulness

Sermon Links to Mini-Series on “God’s Faithfulness”

January 3, 2010
Listen:Our God- A Faithful High Priest
Download Mp3:

January 10, 2010
Listen:Our God–A Faithful Provider
Download Mp3:

January 17, 2010
Listen:Our God–A Faithful Judge
Download Mp3:

January 24, 2010
Listen:Our God — A Faithful Protector
Download Mp3:

January 31, 2010
Listen:God Is Faithful; Are You?
Download Mp3:

(If these sermons have blessed you please feel free to share the links with others who might benefit from them.)

“So than faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” Romans 10:17


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