Magnification of Christ Magnifes our Need to Be Forgiving

What started out as a message on forgiveness has now stretched into what might be called a mini-series on Forgiveness from Matthew 18:21-35.   May God help us to be  a forgiving people because we are a forgiven people.  We can forgive because we have been forgiven much in Christ our Savior.

If you struggle with anger, malice, and unforgiveness these messages will help you to understand the struggle, what forgiveness is, and what the consequences of unforgiveness will be in your life.  Jesus died to deliver us from the penalty of sin as well as the practice of sin.  By his grace we can have a forgiving heart toward those who sin against us.

Message 1:  The Struggle of Forgiveness

Message 2:  True forgiveness

Message 3:  The Price of Unforgiveness


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